Careful when you're giving directions, you might be confused for a poet. Not that you're to blame. Ireo Fiveriver is perched by the lush foothills of the Shivaliks and the verdant banks of the Kaushalya. Which leaves very little scope for anything short of poetry. Decide between the penthouses, executive studios, apartments and villas especially crafted for Ireo Fiveriver's scenic ambience. Or craft your own ode to life on exquisitely placed plots in this beautiful setting. With secured roads, conveniences, an indulgent spread of shopping, leisure and outdoor sports amenities that blend in seamlessly with the natural haven that is Ireo Fiveriver.

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Walk in and you're greeted by its masterfully sculpted landscape and unique entrance foyer. A podium holds the Residences up as the landscapes continue, unbridled, right through them. You walk in to the foyer, and the greens follow you right in, punctuating its floor to glass walls to beautiful effect. You sit down and take a deep breath. And you realize you're only at the reception.


The Woods� interiors are made to complement its exteriors. With bountiful space and natural light. Spread out layouts. Interiors that essay modernity. High ceilings. Living rooms and master bedrooms with large windows and balconies make every home revel in Ireo Fiveriver�s beautiful ambience.


Every apartment at The Woods comes with a hill, a forest and the shores of a river. In a manner of speaking. The spread of its balconies and the size of its windows make the gentle sloped Shivalik hills and a lush woodlands a part of every home.

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